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Great Pastors Understand Friendship

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A common misconception regarding great leaders is that their position of leadership inherently causes them to be somewhat controlling or domineering. We contend that this is not a characteristic of a great leader. In this video, we will look toward another interesting facet of great leadership: understanding friendship.

Friendship is a key component of great leaders because it allows for the leader to focus on other people. It is easy for a leader to solely focus on the task of instructing people as to how they can lead well or delegating responsibilities in order to empower. These are fundamental aspects of a great leader, but it is imperative that you spend your time in relationship with people as well.

Think about it from the perspective of someone who had never been to church before. If this person walked into the church and the first encounter they had involved a leader teaching them how to be an effective volunteer, the vital companionship is missing. People need to feel like their pastors care about them outside of the church and after service, just as much as during the service.

The great thing about friendship is that it is contagious. When you walk into a church full of genuine smiles caused by friendship-induced harmony, there is a welcoming and hospitable feeling that follows. The role that friendship plays in your church for you as a leader, as well as for the church as a whole, is unparalleled.

With this in mind, how do you integrate a value of friendship in your church that will cause growth in a healthy community? What are the specific components of friendship that create such an exuberant, healthy environment?

In this video, you will learn six principles of friendship that will allow you to understand the benefit of healthy friendships. As we unpack these principles, you will begin to understand how to cultivate and maintain healthy friendships within your church.

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