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Great Pastors are Coachable

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One of the best ways that you can grow in your leadership is by learning from other leaders. Think about how you have gained literally all of the knowledge you have up to this point in your life. Regardless of the position you are in or the title you currently have, the things that you know about ministry were taught to you at some point. In this video, we contend that there is no level of competency that you can achieve in which the value of coachability becomes void.

At this point, you may be reminiscing about the time that you scored the winning touchdown of your championship game, only for your coach to inform you as to how you could have performed better. Perhaps there has been a time where you have had a sense of accomplishment and victory, yet you still found yourself being taught how to improve. Too many leaders will react to these types of situations negatively, but the reality is, this is a perfect representation of how you can grow as a leader. Staying open to coaching will expand your horizons as you seek to grow in your leadership.

Coachability may not come naturally to you, and if this is true, it can be a very tricky thing to learn. If you find yourself in a place where you are hesitant to seek the counsel and advice of others for any reason, it is crucial that you begin to learn how to be coachable. Coachability is mainly about the perspective that you choose to have.

In this video, we will outline six characteristics of coachable leaders. As you seek to become more coachable, this video will help you as we unpack each characteristic and teach you how to apply it to your ministry. Coachability is a trait that you can possess when you implement the strategies found in this video.

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