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Great Pastors are Dependable

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Have you ever delegated a responsibility to someone with confidence that you could trust them, yet in the end, the job did not get finished? Maybe this has happened to you, or perhaps, you were the person who dropped the ball. Either way, this hypothetical situation represents a lack of dependability. In this video, we will look toward the need for dependability when it comes to effective leadership.

One of the core values of a leader is the ability to raise up other leaders. As you seek to raise up new leaders, your goal should be to lead by example. A great way to lead by example is to lead with dependability. Making sure you are getting things finished on time, following up with people who expected to hear from you, and putting all of your effort into the tasks that you have been given, represents dependability.

Some will contend that dependability is a trait that you are born with, thus using this as an excuse for a lack thereof. Most of the time, dependability is something that must be learned by every individual at some point or another. What are the steps and processes that you can take to be more dependable? What does a dependable leader look like? These are the questions that we seek to answer in this video.

Dependability is a contagious aspect of leadership. Once you grasp the concept of dependability and implement it into every area of your leadership, you will begin to notice that the people around you will trust you. This concept also spreads into your leadership of others as you will teach consistency and dependability.

In this video, we will outline six traits of dependable leaders that will assist you in improving your dependability. The fundamentals outlined in this video will expand your leadership to new levels as you boost your reputation of dependability.

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