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Module 1: Ministry Essentials

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When it comes to learning, there is always a starting point. For instance, before you learn to dunk a basketball, your priority should be to learn to dribble the ball. Before you attempt to paint a self-portrait, you should practice painting basic shapes. To become proficient at anything, you must start with the essentials. That is exactly what this series is about! Now, it can be tempting to think that the essentials for ministry is a series that only covers the basics. Before you ride this one off as another Christianity 101 course, we urge you to take a look at the content. Here, we dive deep into what you absolutely need to know to be effective in ministry.

Some of the areas that we want to cover in this series consist of practices such as team building and recruitment. We cover the specific ways that you can stay fit for service in ministry, as well as dependent on God. We unpack the intricacies of collapsing time and allowing your time to work for you in ministry. Along with these crucial concepts, we provide many tools and models to follow that promote ministry effectiveness. This series is not a refresher on the basics of ministry. Instead, it takes the basics and unpacks them so that even the most experienced pastors can take something away.

Is your church healthy? Does your church produce results that align with God’s calling for the ministry? Do you find yourself lacking important time in your ministry? Are you healthy in your relationship with God? These are only some of the questions that we want to dive into over the course of this series.

In this series:

We go beyond the basics to provide you with the essentials for ministry. The tools, tips, and advice contained within this series will assist you as you propel your ministry forward.

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