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Staying Fit for Ministry

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When it comes to the health of your ministry, it all starts with you. Now this may seem self-centered or conceited, but it is quite the opposite. Your ministry flows out of your state of fitness. Just like a baseball team needs to stay physically fit in order to win games, you must stay fit in terms of ministry. The purpose of this video is to discuss the fundamentals of staying fit for ministry.

Remaining fit for ministry involves multiple facets and different practices. A temptation for pastors to fall into is believing the lie that mental sharpness is all they need. As a pastor, you must understand all of the key areas to remain fit for service in. Here, we unpack each of these areas within your life and ministry and explain them thoroughly.

Beyond simply understanding the different areas in which you need to stay fit, you must know how to do so. Remaining fit for service when it comes to some of these areas may be difficult for you. If this is the case, it does not mean you are irredeemable, it just means you have work to do. Each pastor or ministry leader has different strengths and weaknesses, but you cannot allow them to define your success as you seek to stay fit for ministry.

How can you value your leadership to the level in which it needs to be valued? What are the steps you should take in order to remain fit in each of the areas we outline? Why is this fitness important and how can it change the trajectory of your ministry?

In this video:

We want to help you prioritize your personal fitness in relation to ministry. Without making these concepts the cornerstone of your leadership, effectiveness will not follow. Put this advice on staying fit for ministry into practice in order to remain a healthy ministry leader.

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