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The 80/20s in Ministry

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Every effective ministry leader understands that ministry is not meant to be done alone. While this is a widely understood concept, it is often not taken advantage of to its fullest potential. You may have teams in place, but are you maximizing their influence and productivity with the way you lead? Are your systems conducive to effective delegation and empowerment? You see, in ministry and in business, one small cog can turn many larger ones. What does this mean for your ministry? In this video, we discuss the importance of finding the 80/20s in ministry.

First thing’s first, what does it mean to find the 80/20s in ministry? The reality is that great ministry leaders know that eighty percent of your results can come from twenty percent action. Before you discard this as another scheme that is too good to be true, understand that this is biblical. Understanding the 80/20s is a method of effective ministry leadership. It seeks to identify the most efficient ways to reach the greater goals of ministry.

Understanding the why behind finding the 80/20s in ministry the first step, but how can you follow through? We also want to unpack the practical steps to take in order to do so. Once you learn to embrace concepts within this video, you will be able to maximize your ministry efficiency. Perhaps you are frustrated by your failed attempts to experience growth. Maybe your systems are not functioning as efficiently as you had hoped. Regardless, finding the 80/20s in ministry will revolutionize your church.

In this video:

We are very excited to present five thoughts on finding the 80/20s in ministry. Sometimes we try to carry the weight of the entire ministry as individuals. This is not how God wants us to lead. Take advantage of these tips on the 80/20s of ministry.

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