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The Law of the Mirror Applied to Ministry

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One of the primary lessons within ministry leadership training is the concept of leading by example. This concept extends further than a mere effort to persuade your congregation to take action. In reality, a healthy church starts with a healthy leader. When you look into the mirror, do you see a leader who embodies the vision of your church? The law of the mirror in ministry is simply the fundamental concept that your surroundings are caused by what you reflect.

For example, if a lead pastor is committing himself to various practical methods to ensure growth but is neglecting the importance of spiritual emphasis in their own life, spiritual growth will not occur in the church. You cannot ask why your church is not growing if you are not growing personally! This is the ultimate “monkey-see-monkey-do” effect as pertaining to ministry.

While this seems pretty straightforward, the law of the mirror in ministry can be difficult to master. Afterall, the roles and responsibilities of a pastor can often cloud the mind and create stress. So, in that case, how can you identify when a reality check needs to happen? How can you foster an environment in which you are reflecting healthy values on to the congregation? Where does the law of the mirror need to be applied and where is it missing in your context?

Understanding the idea behind the law of the mirror is only half of the battle. The next step is to take action. What are the steps you can take to improve on this? The good news is that there is a good amount of practical advice that makes this attainable.

In this video:

We share five thoughts on the law of the mirror in ministry. These thoughts will help you grasp the importance of the law, as well as execute it. It is time to look in the mirror and assess what you are reflecting to your congregation.

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