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Collapsing Time in Ministry

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Every pastor faces the challenge of effectively leveraging the time they have. The issue is, with stress and worry coming into play, this can be tough to manage. The time you have is precious because it involves key ministry opportunities. With this in mind, we want to discuss the idea of collapsing time in ministry. This simply means that we want to teach you some core principles for amazing results in ministry.

As you think about your average week right now, are you constantly stressed by the tasks at hand? If so, this can lead to a buildup of accumulated nervousness about the ministry as a whole. All of a sudden, you feel as if nothing you try is working, leaving you seemingly alone. In these types of situations, it is crucial that you are able to utilize your time effectively. Collapsing time in ministry goes beyond simple time management. This concept has to do with developing strategies for success.

Within this video, we define what it really means to collapse time in ministry, as well as how to do so. Collapsing time in ministry allows you to eliminate unhealthy emotions and tendencies and replace them with growth and high-functioning practices. You will learn how to utilize proven systems for your church. Along with this, you will feel confident that peace of mind is possible in your ministry life.

In this video:

We go in depth concerning collapsing time in ministry. This is a topic that we encourage you to dive into in depth. By utilizing this video, you will be able to maximize your time in ministry to the fullest. Here, we break this method into four parts as we explain how to apply it to your ministry. Realizing the weight of your position is only the first step, now it is time to produce results.

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