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Filling Your Glass in Ministry

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You can only give what you have. This is an obvious statement, but it reflects an important topic within ministry that often gets neglected. It is a fact that being a pastor is one of the most potentially stressful callings out there. New responsibilities are piling on top current ones, people are in need of constant care, and the congregation needs a functioning facility to meet in! With all of the craziness of ministry, pastoral leadership can be overwhelming. To combat this, you must ensure that you are staying passionate in ministry. The question is: how is this accomplished?

We believe that in order to stay passionate in ministry, you must keep your glass full. This is obviously a metaphor, but its meaning is key. The question is not whether you are stressed or not, it is how you manage your inevitable stress. When you are able to stay filled with passion by dealing with stress properly, your ministry can thrive. In this video, we unpack this metaphor within the context of ministry.

With that said, understanding the meaning of keeping your glass full is one thing, but how can you achieve it? This is exactly what we want to unpack for you as you watch this video. The reality is that you are going to have to fill your own glass. Nobody can do it for you. This requires some very intentional steps to walk through.

As you walk through these tips on filling your glass and staying passionate in ministry, you will be able to embrace a desire to minister to people that is stronger than ever. What are the steps to take in order to fill your glass? What affects will this have on your ministry?

In this video:

We provide you with five key thoughts on staying passionate in ministry by keeping your glass full.

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