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Online Connections: Navigating the New Normal

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Online church connections is a relatively new territory for pastors to navigate. Perhaps you are a pastor who has already embraced the importance of social media. Maybe you have even implemented some online services and events. On the other hand, maybe you have never entered the realm of online ministry whatsoever. Wherever you are on the spectrum of online ministry, this series is for you. Specifically, this series discusses the importance and practicalities of online church connections.

When discussing online church connections, there are several things to consider. The first and most obvious thing to sort through is how to implement effective online connections through an online service. Service elements and strategies are simply different when they are all online! Furthermore, the reality is that online ministry cannot stop at the online service. There are many facets of ministry that can be embraced online.

This series also discusses the ins and outs of church resources such as small groups, volunteer teams, and pastoral care. All of these important facets of ministry will be discussed from the standpoint of online ministry. While these all seem like practices that are difficult to implement online, the reality is that they can thrive online!

So, what is the ultimate goal of this series, you ask? Our goal is to inform and equip you so that you feel comfortable with the main areas of online ministry. More specifically, we want you to be empowered to reach and teach more people as you utilize online church connections. Once you implement the tips and strategies in this series, your online ministry will skyrocket.

In this series:

We are unpacking everything you need to know about online church connections and how you can practically implement it for your church. Pay attention to these five videos to take your online church connections to the next level.

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