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One of the most fundamental aspects of church leadership is fostering an environment that champions community. Community is essential for every body of believers. In fact, the word “body” assumes that there is community! Matthew 18:20 says, “for where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” So, we know that community is important, but how can this be valued in a world that is shifting so heavily to online practices? For the church, one of the best answers is through small groups. How do online small groups function effectively? That is exactly what we’re talking through in this video.

This is a topic that receives quite a bit of skepticism. Issues rise about whether or not true, genuine connection can happen over a video camera and a screen. As a pastor, it is important to latch onto the idea that the church is not a building. As you begin to adopt more of an online presence, you must understand two things. The first thing is to understand why online small groups can be very effective, because they can. The second thing is to latch onto the avenues that you have available to you. Currently, Christians are embracing the idea of online practices for the most part. Why would you not use that as an opportunity to build relationships within the church? Both of these things can be easier said than done, but this video will help you in your efforts.

After understanding the importance of embracing online small groups, you have to execute them well. If you just decide to launch a large number of online small groups without providing intentional guidance, you will set your church up for frustration. As a pastor, you must know how to lead from a distance as you oversee your online small groups? How can a pastor maintain all of these online small groups? What should these online small groups look like?

In this video:

We are unpacking everything you need to know about setting up and implementing effective online small groups. You will find 11 helpful tips that will take your online small groups to the next level.

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