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Volunteer Teams and the Connections Funnel for Online Ministry

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In the midst of a reality where online ministry is prevalent, where do volunteers fit into the mix? Let’s say you’re holding church services online every weekend. The question that you have to answer is: what are you going to do with your volunteers? The reality is, connections is still an important factor even when church is online. With that said, volunteers can be strategically used in your online ministries. Here, we are taking a look at how online volunteers and connections in ministry go together.

When you think about online ministry, it can be tempting to accept the thought notion volunteers are unnecessary. We get it. As you think about all of the volunteers and teams you had before, it seems like they don’t have a role anymore. Here at Leaders.Church, we believe the opposite. In fact, we encourage your volunteers to be a huge part of your online services. When you put this practice into place, the benefits will be outstanding!

With this in mind, what does the practical functionality of a volunteer serving opportunity look like online? How can you set up and manage online volunteer teams in a way that is helpful and sustainable? More specifically, what role do online volunteers play in the connections process? Again, online volunteers and connections in ministry go hand-in-hand. What should this look like for your church context? These are the types of questions that we want to answer within this video. Our goal is that you would propel your ministry forward with online opportunities for connections.

In this video:

We are unpacking the ins and outs of online volunteers and how they pertain directly to connections in ministry. Over the course of this video, you will learn six key tips on this subject that are sure to take you to the next level.

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