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The Future of Church Connections is Here

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For years now, the world has been talking about how technology is taking over in more ways than ever. Social media, online shopping, video streaming, and online games have become everyday parts of life. The time has come to stop thinking of this reality as the future, but rather the present. The future, as we have called it, is finally here. Inherently, this means that the future of church connections is here as well. What does this look like? How should you navigate it?

The first step in embracing the future of church connections is to identify the present realities and goals. As you begin to analyze the current tendencies regarding online technology that are embraced by society, it is important to utilize that information for the implementation of online ministry. Furthermore, it is imperative that you assess what your goals should be for online connections in ministry. These are the types of things that we want to help you assess and figure out throughout this video.

Once you have determined your goals and recognized how technology has changed the game, it is time to implement. Even with your ministry goals in mind, this can be a daunting task. Perhaps you have never implemented an online ministry component. On the other hand, maybe you are familiar with online ministry, but ever-changing use of technology complicates things. Questions may arise in you regarding the implementation and importance of online ministry that can become stressful. Regardless of your experience with online ministry, the reality is, it is prevalent and important. With this in mind, take heart, we are here to help!

In this video:

We are unpacking the present reality surrounding the usage of online technology for ministry. Utilize these eight tips in order to take advantage of it! The future of church connections is here!

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