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Online Service Connections

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Unless you’ve ignored your surroundings, you know that the church world is changing faster than ever. The growing significance of online church is monumental. Just as there is a growing desire to produce online content, there is a growing need for an online presence. From the perspective of the pastor, this can be pretty overwhelming. Perhaps you are a church that has never streamed a service or provided an online experience. Beyond that, maybe you are familiar with online practices, but are needing to take it to the next level. In this video, we are discussing online church service connections and how church connections can be effective online.

The first thing that you have to wrap your head around is the importance of online church service connections. The fact is, churches often have a lot of varying mentalities regarding online practices. Wherever you are at technologically with your church, it is time to realize that online services are increasingly relevant. Why are online services becoming more relevant? Why must your church begin to strategize in terms of your online church service connections plan?

Once you understand the “why” behind bolstering your online presence, it is time to implement. Specifically, from the standpoint of church connections, what are the online church service best-practices for connections to thrive? How can a church connect with people through an online service? What can the church do to build community through these online services? These are the types of questions we tackle within this video.

In this video:

We’re unpacking the ins and outs of online church service connections. This video contains 9 insightful tips on how you can maximize your connections efforts through your online church services. Although online church services are not traditional, it is important to remember that the church is not a building. With that said, your connections efforts are crucial, even when your best avenue is the internet.

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