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Expanded Pastoral Care Online

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One of the most crucial aspects of pastoral ministry is pastoral care. When members of your church are struggling, it is your job to deliver pastoral care. Traditionally, this would most likely entail setting up an in-person meeting to talk things through, making a hospital visit, or grabbing lunch with someone. These are all great things! However, understanding that we live in a world where a growing number of people are more connected digitally. With this in mind, it is important for churches to adopt an online pastoral care strategy. Here, we are talking about expanded pastoral care online.

Before diving into this largely unknown realm of digital pastoral care, it is important to know why you’re doing it. Obviously, as a pastor, you understand the need for pastoral care and you realize that it is crucial. With that in mind, you have to grasp the importance of online ministry. This is where you are going to havex to latch onto the fact that the church is not a building. Your ministry can be very effective online!

After understanding the need to develop a great system for expanded pastoral care online, how can this be practically achieved? What are the systems you can put in place as you create a great pastoral care process online? We understand that this is a difficult thing to navigate. That is why we want to provide you with practical steps regarding how you can implement this into your ministry.

We believe that online ministry is a crucial part of the future of the church. We do not want you to miss great online opportunities for your church to take to reach and help more people.

In this video:

We will provide you with 5 key tips for you to follow in order to develop an effective strategy for online pastoral care.

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