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Motivating People in Ministry

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Think about what motivates you for a moment. Perhaps it is when you watch your favorite team play an exceptional game. Maybe it is when you see the positive habits displayed by your friends. Whatever it is, motivation is a tool that is used to promote and stimulate effectiveness. As a leader, the power of motivation is unparalleled. The way you motivate others can make or break their ability to lead with excellence. With this in mind, we have created a series on motivating people in ministry.

Before you can take advantage of what motivation has to offer, you must understand the power it possesses. Like we said, the power of motivation is unparalleled. The fundamental characteristics of motivation enable leaders to leap toward what God has called them to do with confidence. This is true for many reasons. As you move through this series, you will begin to have an in depth understanding on how and why motivation is powerful.

Once you understand the potential rewards of understanding and executing effective motivation, it is time to execute. How can a leader in ministry be a great motivator? More importantly, how can your motivation propel someone into exceptional capacities? The habits that you possess regarding motivation dictate how well you motivate others. Are these motivational habits being used correctly? If so, are you regularly utilizing them? You will find many practical pieces of advice regarding these topics throughout this series.

In this series:

Our goal is to teach you to motivate others with passion, purpose, and effectiveness. The way you motivate dictates the confidence and attitude of other leaders. We encourage you to utilize these ten videos on motivating people in ministry in order to empower those around you. It is time to motivate people to action!

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