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Pastors as Successful Motivators

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Earlier in the series, we talked about what you can do as a pastor to make sure that the practical and habitual routines that you take part in are fostering effective motivational skills. In this video, we will focus on the internal traits that great motivators possess. Ultimately, the heart of discipleship is to help people move in their walk with God, which can be done through motivation. The way that you position your life will determine how well you do when it comes to motivating others.

One of the areas that you should be focusing on as a pastor is your walk with God. When it comes down to the fundamental foundations of motivation, the reality is that we can look no further than scripture to see a perfect example of motivation. Jesus’ leadership was a lot about motivating people to action! Perhaps one of the greatest examples of biblical motivation is found in the book of Matthew when Jesus presented the great commission. Jesus has inspired generation after generation to advance his kingdom. The point is, spending time in the word and in prayer is vital to your understanding of how to motivate people. God will speak motivation into you, that you can then speak into others! In this video, you will learn what leading a prayerful life will do to positively influence your ability to motivate people.

How you carry yourself is another huge aspect when it comes to growth in motivational ability. What people see in you and how you interact with people on a daily basis can be one of the most important keys to motivation. This video will provide you with meaningful insight as to how you can interact with others and shape what others see in you, so that you can motivate well.

All of these characteristics and values will be taught with specificity over the course of this video. You will learn 10 traits of pastors that motivate well. These traits are all specific enough to help you understand exactly how you can shape yourself into the motivator that you need to be.

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