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Ways to Motivate People in Ministry

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As you begin to understand different ways that motivation can move people, you can apply your motivational tactics in certain areas of your ministry according to the needs of the people that you are trying to motivate. Before breaking down how to motivate specific types of people and what strategies to use, it is important to understand why motivation works. Comprehending why something works, in any area of ministry, is crucial when it comes to assessing how you can grow, as well as developing effective leadership strategies. In this case, getting a grasp on how motivation directly effects people can shape the way you lead.

Think back to your education in terms of math. Regardless of the level of education you have received to this point, chances are, you have been required to take at least one math class. When attempting to understand the fundamentals of math, it is important to do more than just memorize a formula that is provided to you. In addition to memorization, comprehension as to why the formula works is crucial to your success in the class so that you can grow and move past equations that are restricted to that formula. The same concept applies to the motivational tactics you use within your church. You must understand why motivation works, if you hope to effectively motivate people.

Realizing the importance of motivation in your church is the prerequisite for what you will learn in this video. After you understand the fact that there are people who can grow from motivational leadership, you have to be able to grasp the fundamentals of motivational leadership. By learning the different ways that motivation can positively influence people in your church, you can bring your leadership, as well as the functionality of your church, to a whole new level. In this video, you will learn six specific ways that motivation moves people.

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