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Setting the Atmosphere to Motivate in Ministry

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A lot of what Goes into effective motivation has to do with the environment and atmosphere that you create. Positive motivation can happen in any situation, but before you can motivate someone, you must create an environment that supports the motivation that you are trying to instill in someone. You also need to create an atmosphere in which that person is comfortable and can receive that motivation is a way that will be meaningful to them. Some of the ways that you can set this environment and atmosphere have to do with the specifics of how you go about motivating people. With this in mind, you also must take the location and setting in which you are motivating into account. In this video you will learn the specifics as to how to create the perfect environment and atmosphere for your motivational tactics.

Hypothetically speaking, if it was your job to motivate someone to have a clean house so that when they invite people over, the company will not be repulsed by what they see. You would not want to be standing in the middle of your messy living room as you spoke to this person. Instead, you would want to be in a room that is neat and orderly so that your message can be conveyed without contradiction or hypocrisy. This is just one example of how you can change your settings to make sure that your motivation is effective. The fact is, there are things that you should take into consideration about the setting you create when you motivate people. In this video, you will learn what those settings are and how to use them to the best of your ability.

Creating an environment and atmosphere that fosters effective motivation can be a difficult task. This video will provide you with nine key points that will help you when it comes to creating the setting for motivation.

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