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Reasons to Motivate People in Ministry

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There is a vast amount of purpose that can be found in motivating people in your church. The simple truth is, your church will not function unless there is a group of motivated people who are committed to the mission of the church. There are some aspects of motivation that tend to be overlooked, but they are vital concepts to understand as you begin to motivate people. What are the characteristics of motivation that you need to know so that you can bring people to action? What can motivation specifically do to spark growth in the leadership of your church? How can motivation be linked to something as important as the mission of the church? In this video, you will learn the answer to all of these questions as you seek to understand why you should value motivation.

As important as it is to understand the ways that motivation can benefit the church, it is equally as important to realize what can happen if your church does not utilize motivation to its full potential. You can be actively attempting to motivate volunteers, leaders, and staff members, but if you are not executing this motivation regularly, you will not see the benefits of a tactic that is so effective. Motivation determines so many different aspects of ministry. As you motivate people in your church, you need to understand the purpose behind why you are using motivational tactics in the first place. This video will provide you with a firm understanding of the foundational purpose of motivation, as well as why motivation prevents certain negative occurrences in your church.

Motivation can fuel your purpose-driven ministry when you understand how it relates to the mission of the church. In this video, you will learn six reasons to motivate that are backed up by relevant, real-world applications.

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