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Disciplines of Pastor-Motivators

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If you are a pastor, you are the ultimate motivator in your church. People come to church for a purpose. As people come into your church, they are perceptive to what you are going to say. Whether it is through speaking the message on the weekends, or having simple conversations with people within your congregation, the power of your motivational influence is immense. Your motivation will also inspire leaders and volunteers to reach new heights. With that said, it is crucial to understand how you can be a positive and effective motivator in the lives of the people around you. The difference you can make on someone’s life, both positive and negative, through motivation, is a concept that cannot be ignored. In order to make sure that the motivation you give is intentionally positive, your habits as a pastor must align with what it takes to be a successful motivator. In this video, you will learn what it takes to bring your positive motivation to the next level.

The first step in understanding what it takes to be a successful pastor when it comes to how you motivate people is to be aware of the practical things that should be habitual in your life. These habits will help you grow in your leadership as you seek to grow in your ability to motivate the people around you. These practical habits will affect the way you go about your personal life, as well as your life directly involved with ministry.

When it comes to the difference you can make in terms of motivation as a pastor, another important thing to realize is what you can do on a daily and weekly basis. As you go about your week, there are certain things that you should be doing to create motivation for the people around you. Your daily and weekly motivational strategy is key to how you should be leading in your church. In this video, you will learn six habits of successful pastors/motivators that will help you increase your positive motivational influence on others.

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