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Ministry Motivation vs Manipulation

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The essence of Christian leadership is based upon a common effort to raise up new leaders for Christ. As a church leader, this should be one of your missions! An effective leader understands that his or her leadership ability means nothing unless it is taught to the next leader in line. While this is true, there is a tough line to distinguish revolving around delegation. The issue is that leaders often delegate their less glamorous tasks to the people under them to get it off their to-do list. Perhaps you have been in a low-level position. If so, there is a good chance you experienced this issue. In this series, we want to teach you how to motivate ministry leaders, without manipulating them.

Understanding the important difference between motivation and manipulation in ministry is vital. As you think about the call that God has placed on your life for ministry, this grows more imperative. You are leading the charge. You are on the frontlines. How are you fostering this position? Are you allowing the leaders under you to grow and be encouraged by your leadership? On the other hand, do you find yourself delegating meaningless tasks to clean up your to-do list?

Perhaps you are attempting to be intentional with the leaders you are raising up, yet you are unsure of how to be effective. You are not alone. This is a common issue. The truth is, there are many different dynamics and specifics to keep in mind. There are low-capacity and high-capacity volunteers and spiritual directives for ministry motivation. In addition, there several other aspects of leadership to consider regarding motivation.

In this series:

We aim to teach you the ins and outs of ministry motivation and how it contrasts from manipulation. We believe that every leader has a purpose and that they should use their strengths to strengthen others. This series walks you through everything you need to know on how to motivate ministry leaders.

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