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Motivating High Capacity Leaders

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When it comes to the leaders in your church, you are most likely able to pinpoint which ones are currently at high capacity. These are the people that are always on time, ready to lead the way in everything that your church is a part of. These people are the ones who are creating culture in your church by motivating other people and leading by example. While you can recognize that these leaders are extremely beneficial to your church, there is room for them to grow. The fact is, these types of leaders are passionate about what they are doing. The difference that you can make in their leadership is monumental.

As you mentor your high capacity leaders, it is important they know that they are a part of something great. Instilling confidence in a leader will unlock so much more potential than what is currently available. This special type of confidence has to come from you. Learning what your leaders respond well to and what they are passionate about will be key to making them feel valued and needed. When a high capacity leader is affirmed by someone in a higher position of leadership than they are, the passion in their hearts will grow.

Take a look at what God has done in your life for a moment. There was a point in time in which you were just beginning your leadership, and during this time, it was important for you to remember that God had called you according to his purpose. God is motivating you as a leader based on his calling for your life!

While we will never amount to the level of leadership influence that the creator of the universe possesses, we can begin to develop strategies in order to strive for effective motivation. This video will provide you with some key thoughts on motivating high capacity leaders, as well as what you need to know about them.

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