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The Leader as the Motivator

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Have you ever been a position of leadership in which you were tasked with evoking a certain emotion or attitude in people, but you are having trouble practicing what you preach. Leadership requires that you are able to inspire people, and in the context of church, you have to be able to inspire people towards the vision of the church. Motivating yourself as a leader will allow you to be in a position to do this. Self-motivation is not easy, but it is something that you can accomplish if you know how to utilize certain tactics.

As you seek to understand how to lead as it pertains to motivation, there are certain things that you must know about your church and the people you are leading. Once you know these things, you can use your leadership influence to motivate people according to their needs. This video will give you a jumpstart as you seek to figure these things out.

Another vital aspect when it comes to growing as a motivator and a leader, is knowing how to motivate your spouse. As you spend time with your spouse, the mutual motivation that is produced can be utilized in order for you to grow as a leader. Learning what motivates your spouse will allow you to mutually motivate one another. You can use this motivation to motivate others.

Knowing who you are as a leader will help you understand how you can motivate people best. In this video, you will begin to understand how you can identify who you are as a leader and what your church represents. These are important pieces of knowledge pertaining to your motivation of others. You will also learn how to motivate yourself so that you can grow in your motivation of others. These practical tips will help you grow as a motivator and a leader.

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