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Motivating Entry Level Volunteers

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If you are currently in a position in ministry, it is most likely because somebody was able to motivate somewhere along the line. Motivating someone to significant service will allow them to grow in their walk with God, as well as fulfill the purpose for their life. Motivation should be an integral part of the process that you are actively using to influence people towards serving. In order to utilize motivation to its fullest capacity, you must understand some basic principles that are included in this video.

Motivating entry level volunteers is going to allow you to fill the positions that you need to fill, but the incentives for motivating volunteers stretch far beyond filling a need. You can look at your motivational tactics as a gift to whoever you are motivating. As you motivate someone by allowing them to thrive in an area that they are passionate about, you are allowing them to experience spiritual growth.

As you examine the way that you are currently motivating entry level volunteers, you must assess how you are coming across to them. Recruiting a volunteer is completely different than simply enlisting help from someone. You can do just about anything to get what you what out of someone, but that is not the goal that you are trying to achieve as you motivate entry level volunteers. By realizing what will not work in terms of recruiting volunteers, you can eliminate false incentives as you motivate people to action.

In this video, you will learn three pieces of advice that will help you mobilize someone for significant service and understand the spiritual importance behind it. You will also learn specific things that do and do not work in terms of motivating people to action. It is imperative that you understand these concepts if you wish to effectively motivate entry level volunteers.

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