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The Why: Spiritual Directives for Motivation

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Any biblical scholar or pastor will agree that motivation is one of the core themes found throughout the Bible. It is evident in the way that Jesus emphasized the importance of motivation that we should be utilizing within the church. The fact is, there are people in your church right now that have been given gifts that align with God’s purpose for their life. As a leader in ministry, you can use motivation to unlock the gifts that God has placed in someone.

As you begin to think about motivation, it is imperative that you ask yourself why motivation is such an important factor of ministry. The answer is found in the purpose that God has given your church. All throughout the Bible, you see God motivating his people according to his will. In the new testament, Jesus was able to provide a perfect example of what biblical motivation should look like.

When you start to motivate people in your church, the vision of your church, as well as the purpose that God has placed in the people you are motivating will be advanced. Once you start implementing motivational tactics within your church, the number of people who are getting involved in your church will grow. Aside from this, if you are motivating people according to their passions and purpose, you will push them towards a loving and caring God.

The effects of positive, healthy motivation are unparalleled. From a biblical and spiritual perspective, motivation should be one the main tasks of leaders in ministry. Think about who you could uplift in your church by using some positive motivation.

In this video, you will learn how Jesus motivated people and why motivation is important from a biblical and spiritual perspective. Along with this, you will be provided with three key applications pertaining to the spiritual directives for motivation.

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