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Non-Manipulative Motivation Techniques

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Making sure that your motivation techniques are conducive to the growth of the person you are motivating is vital. If you are attempting to motivate people for the wrong reasons, you will begin to be frustrated as your volunteers will not follow you. Even if you are gaining volunteers by means of manipulation, you are not fulfilling the purpose of your ministry. Learning how to motivate, instead of manipulate, is imperative as you look to empower people based pure motives.

It is also crucial that you understand the role of vision as it pertains to your motivation techniques. What vision does, is it allows you to create an atmosphere in which people will want to serve. Instead of focusing all of your energy on directly recruiting people, your focus should be on casting vision that volunteers can get behind. Understanding how to utilize vision casting in order to motivate people to action is key.

As you use motivation techniques to motivate your volunteers and staff, it is important to understand what questions you should be asking. The questions that you ask people as you attempt to motivate are key. Asking questions can allow you to spark interest, make people feel welcome, and get people connected. Learning the specificities regarding the questions you should be asking is key to effective motivation.

Ultimately, the vision that is tied to the mission of your church will provide an avenue for you to motivate volunteers. People need a sense of purpose to get behind something, as a church leader, whether they are paid staff or volunteers, that purpose comes from a spiritual basis. In this video, you will learn the main difference between manipulation and motivation. You will also be provided with tactics you can use to utilize your vision, and questions you can ask to motivate your volunteers and staff.

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