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The Innovative Pastor

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As you seek to create an exceptional church environment for each attender, the value of innovation is key. This is true in a practical sense, where innovation causes better use of technology, more efficient marketing, enjoyable programs, and more. Innovation is also tied to the spiritual mission of ministry. Just as Jesus welcomes every one of his children into his loving arms, the church should do the same. Every effort pursued by the church should hold a standard of excellence in order to create an atmosphere that says, “you are welcome here.” Innovation allows for each and every area of ministry to flourish. In this series we unpack how to be innovative as a pastor.

So here you are, as the pastor, seeking to advance the level of innovation throughout the church. Where do you go from here? The first step is to look at the church as a whole. In this series, we provide several key tips and advice regarding the cultures and precedents you should set within your church. After all, innovation is only effective if the congregation and leadership team is prepared for it!

With that said, how is change supposed to be communicated in terms of new innovation? What sparks an atmosphere of innovation? How does this atmosphere look and feel? These are the questions we want to answer, as well as many more, within this series.

In addition to this, the pastor’s individual role is vital to the success of innovation in the church. The pastor is who leads the charge, talks with others, and makes tough decisions to make it happen. With that in mind, it is normal to feel overwhelmed with the task at hand.

In this series:

We provide you with a multitude of great tips and practical advice as to how to be innovative as a pastor. Furthermore, we have included helpful insight on how to create the necessary cultures for innovation. We believe that God has incredible things in store for the Church. It is time to think like an innovator!

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