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Innovation and Change in Ministry

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Where there is innovation, there is always change. Change can be a great thing for your church. It can propel you towards growth and effective leadership, as well as truly change lives. On the other hand, change can be messy, it can fail, and it can be greatly controversial. As you aspire to be a church that encourages and embraces innovation, how do you ensure that the change that is inevitably going to take place is for the best?

Change is something that is commonly needed, but it must be done in a way that is effective. If you are not intentional about the way you go about change within your church, you will find that innovation cannot take place. With that said, change is a concept that many people dislike, or can even be afraid of. The wrong change can be met with a series of consequences and continuous regret. In a climate in which change is such a controversial concept, we want to teach you how to change with effectiveness.

As you seek to identify whether or not there is an imminent need for change and innovation within your church, it can be daunting to weed through every aspect of the ministry trying to do so. Figuring out exactly what needs to change and why, how to affect that change in an efficient manner, and what the future will look like as a result of that change can be extremely intimidating.

In this video, we will provide you with common scenarios that suggest there is a need for change within the church. We will also provide you with some questions that you can ask yourself regarding what needs to change, and how specifically to change it. Once you have identified these things, we will give you six steps to ensure that you innovate and change well.

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