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The Pastor as the Innovative Leader

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As the pastor of your church, as you already know, there is a constant stream of decisions to be made. Whether these decisions seem big or small, they carry weight within your church. With that in mind, it is vitally important that each of these decisions are processed from an innovative perspective. The influence you have as a pastor is unparalleled to the rest of the church.

Innovation is a continuous, ever-changing process in which the stagnation of new ideas and changing practices is never appropriate or efficient. As a pastor, it is important that you understand how to identify when and where innovation is needed within the church and how to go about effecting it. How do you keep your eyes peeled for the need for innovation? What indicates the fact that you need an innovative solution to propel the church forward?

As we unravel what it truly means to be an innovative pastor, you will begin to understand how to apply this concept to your life and your ministry. Once you embrace this concept, you will start to identify areas in your church that are one innovative strategy away from potential greatness. This begs the question; how should an innovative pastor effect change and develop innovative strategies in order to address a lack of innovation?

The goal of this video is to propel your pastoral leadership in such a way that you are confident in your ability to produce innovative strategies and solutions within the church. We will walk you through five things that you must do in order to be an innovative pastor. These concepts are immediately applicable to your church, regardless of the situation you currently find yourself in. As you put them into practice, you will begin to unleash a wave of innovation based on your leadership.

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