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Creating an Atmosphere of Innovation in Ministry

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The unfortunate truth about modern churches is that the fundamental concept of innovation is one that is not commonly represented from an outsider’s perspective. From the outside looking in, there are thousands of organizations and highly touted business models that are perceived as conducive to effective innovation. This truth is remarkable because innovation is an absolute must when it comes to leading a church! Creating an atmosphere of innovation is crucial to the health, effectiveness, and growth of a church.

Innovation is the reason that efficient systems are efficient. Innovation sparks imagination in the minds of leaders that ultimately results in all new levels of productivity and development. The million-dollar question is: how do you begin to make this a reality in your church? The answer is found in the atmosphere that you can create with your leadership.

The atmosphere that the leadership of a church creates in order to foster innovation is key. Understanding that innovation starts with creating an atmosphere is the first step of the process, but where do you go from there? What does this atmosphere look like?

As a leader, it can be intimidating to begin to explore the depths of your responsibility in terms of innovation. In reality, leadership in this area can be tricky. You may be wondering how to build that ever-so vital atmosphere in your church. Maybe you are struggling to gather the right people together. Maybe you continuously find that the people you are empowering are not producing provoking ideas. We want to help you with this!

In a world where successes and failure define so much of how we think as a society, often times we get caught up in the results, rather than focusing on the process. In this video, we will provide you with seven key essentials that will propel your church towards creating an atmosphere that is conducive to effective innovation.

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