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Creating a Culture of Freedom to Fail in Ministry

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A highly neglected fact when it comes to the success of any institution is the fact that failure is a necessary component to success. Failure is the sparkplug to so many innovative ideas that result in a positive outcome. Failure truly is the mother of innovation! This can be a difficult concept to process as your goal obviously is not ultimately to fail in your endeavors, but when you know how to utilize failure to the fullest, you will maximize your effectiveness as a church.

Once again, it’s all about the culture you set as a leader. You can only embrace the positive side of failure when you have learned to create a culture that is open to it. Many churches struggle with this concept. The truth is, how you react to certain situations will alter the trajectory of your culture as a church. How are you currently reacting when a subordinate fails on a substantially important venture?

In a sense, failure can be utilized within your church from a standpoint of trial and error. When you fail, more often than not, you begin to realize what could have potentially brought forth a more positive outcome. You may even begin to formulate specific action steps regarding what you would have done better and what you will do in the future. All of this is great, but unless the team around you is empowered to do the same, you will begin to feel the brunt of a serious lack of productivity and innovation.

In this video, our goal is to teach you several fundamental ways that you can begin to establish a culture that feeds off of failure. You will learn six specific ways that you can do so, as well as how you can practically implement them into your church setting.

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