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Innovative Pastors Break the Rules

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What if we told you that one of the driving forces of stagnation in a church setting is the product of an unwillingness to break the rules. That’s right, you need to be willing to break the rules as an effective leader. This is really a matter of mindset when it comes down to it. Are there certain rules that you have restricted yourself to as a leader that are holding you back? If so, you are not alone.

Before diving into the importance of breaking the rules, it is vital to understand that your doctrines are absolute. Doctrines, not to be confused with the rules that we discuss in this video, are a set of unbreakable regulations that must be followed in order for the church to thrive. In other words, we are not discussing rules that have to do with morals or legality. On the other hand, there are rules that you are religiously following that could very well be limiting the influence of your church.

This all has to do with the mindset that you put yourself in as you are assessing how to go about your ministry. If you have a hesitant mindset towards changing the way that you think about certain methods and best practices in the church, you are restricting yourself from a culture of innovation.

In the society we live in, especially when it comes to the church, there is a growing mindset that is attracted to finding the latest and greatest trend. When a concept or rule is repeated over and over again by church leaders across the country, it can be easy to latch on and develop a mindset before you have really explored the depths of the situation at hand.

In this video, we seek to expand your horizons by identifying some key rules that you should allow yourself to break. We will provide you with ten rules to break. Breaking these rules will move the church forward to the mission the Lord has for it by stimulating innovation.

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