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Module 2: Developing your Plan in Ministry

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Every organization requires a certain level of planning. Planning is the foundation for success from the standpoint of any group. In our second training module, we want to assist you in taking practical and effective steps toward next-level ministry leadership. This series contains practical advice, action steps, and great tools for you to use. Planning for success in ministry is key. We will unpack this idea in a way that allows you to develop a plan to pursue ministry more effectively.

This series contains several key components that will lead you toward efficient planning. Planning allows for you to have a clear understanding for where you are headed. It gives you the means to aim for success, rather than blindly hoping for it. Why is this series unique? Well, we want to dive into the concept of planning from the specific standpoint of church ministry. Our goal is to go beyond the general characteristics of good planners and close in on ministry-specific needs.

Part of this process of planning for your ministry is to understand where your church is at. You must have a grip on where it is at spiritually, how fast it is growing, and more. Once we unpack these various stages of a church, we will teach you how to react to each new stage. Planning is not a blind action or a guessing game, it is an educated endeavor. Think about the congregation in your church. Your congregation deserves proper planning in order to ensure the best experience for them!

In this series:

We will unpack everything you need to know about developing your plan in ministry. Along with practical advice, we will equip you with the tools necessary to plan effectively. Utilize these tools in correspondence with the tips in this series to get the most out of your planning. Planning for success in ministry is necessary for you to experience growth and life change!

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