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The Leadership Quadrant – Part 2

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In ministry, it can be common to constantly believe that there is a greater potential that you could reach as a pastor. Perhaps you have innovative or adventurous ideas, but lack team to accomplish them. Maybe you find yourself in covering tasks that can and should be delegated to a subordinate. With these realities, it becomes desirable to grow in your personal leadership, in order to build other leaders around you. This mindset can be very healthy, if it is applied correctly. In this addition to The Ministry Leadership Quadrant, we explain how this tool relates to your leadership development.

In the first video in this series, we explained that The Ministry Leadership Quadrant is split into four separate stages. We also indicated that your ministry can be effective as long as you consistently seek growth. This is true, regardless of which part of the quadrant you currently find yourself in. Now, we want to dive into the difference that you can make as a leader by advancing through this quadrant. This will take your ministerial leadership to new heights as you allow yourself more time and flexibility to lean into God’s calling on your life and for your ministry.

Understanding why this concept of advancing through The Ministry Leadership Quadrant is important is the first step. Next, it is imperative that you understand how you can move to the next level. Here at Leaders.Church, we never want to tell you to act without instructing you on how to do so! With that said, this video unpacks various strategies and tips to take your leadership to the next level.

In this video:

We conclude our explanation of The Leadership Quadrant and how it can advance your ministry leadership. As you use this tool to evaluate yourself, be sure to think of practical ways that you can improve.

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