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Understanding the Stages of a Church

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One of the realities that every pastor must face is that change is inevitable. This is true in life and in ministry. When we think about God’s creation, there is constant change! People get older, trees grow taller, and cities continuously expand. Change is everywhere, but are you embracing it or neglecting it? A huge part of understanding the role of change in the church is understanding the different stages of a church.

Now, when you think of stages in the context of church, many things could come to mind. Perhaps you think of your current status in terms of how fast your church is growing compared to others. Maybe you are tempted to compare your events or services to others based on how much tech is being used. These types of things are tempting to think about, but they are secondary to the primary purpose of your ministry. It is essential that you are able to distinguish between these comparisons and true church stages. Here, we will unpack those stages and what they mean for you and your church.

In addition to understanding what the stages of a church are, we want to teach you how to navigate them. Just like anything in life, your willingness to learn to adapt will determine your effectiveness. What will happen when your youth ministry grows from twelve to one hundred and twelve students? How will you accommodate each student? Or how about when your systems begin to grow outdated? These are the types of issues that can be dealt with effectively using the principles of church stages.

In this video:

We want to give you some helpful insight into the stages of a church. Just as we have said throughout this series, wherever you find yourself, you can keep growing! Pay close attention to this video to take full advantage of each stage your church experiences.

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