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5 Steps to Advance Your Ministry

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In this series, so far, we have unpacked our Leadership Quadrant, discussed the stages of a church, and provided means to effectively audit your ministry. In each of these discussions, we have gone beyond surface level. We have talked about the specific actions steps to take regarding these principles. In this video, we want to sum it all up with the big picture. After taking in all of the content of this series, you could potentially feel overwhelmed. This is why we have identified some key steps for you to take, pertaining to what you have already learned, to advance your ministry.

What do we mean by “advance your ministry?” Here at Leaders.Church, we value your ministry’s primary purpose to reach people for Christ. When we discuss the importance of advancing your ministry, our ultimate goal is to advance the Kingdom of God. What role does your church play in advancing the Kingdom of God? What do specific systems and best practices have to do with this endeavor? These are the types of questions we want to answer here.

Along with examining the importance of advancing your ministry, we aim to look at strategic approaches. When it comes down to it, church is absolutely spiritual and inspired by God. With that said, God has placed you in a position so that you can effectively steward the authority He has given. This is why we are outlining some steps to create a great plan to advance your ministry.

In this video:

We are providing you with five key steps to create a plan for the advancement of your ministry. Our goal is to help you move to the next level of leadership and opportunity in alignment with God’s purpose. Utilize these steps to maximize your ministry by taking intentional time to improve your church leadership.

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