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The Leadership Quadrant – Part 1

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Oftentimes, people learn more effectively when they are provided with some kind of visual. Everyone has their learning styles, but whether you are hands on, or by the books, understanding how to visualize concepts is key. This is why we have developed what we call, The Leadership Quadrant. This is a device that you can use to indicate your level of effectiveness pertaining to ministerial leadership. The Ministry Leadership Quadrant allows you to identify characteristics to develop for growth.

What types of areas will this help you in? Good question. The Leadership Quadrant lets you take your leadership to the next level. You will gain confidence in your current ability and position in ministry. The Quadrant will show you how to expand your leadership in every area of ministry. As a result, you will maximize the influence that you have as you begin to build up other leaders. As you watch this video, your eyes will be opened to multiple areas in which you can grow.

How does this Ministry Leadership Quadrant work? We have designed this tool so that you can easily evaluate yourself. Our goal is for you to, not only identify where you are at, but learn how to improve. We understand that the first step to improving yourself is to identify the areas in which to do so. This tool, divided into four parts, goes beyond vague descriptions, and specifically links you to a certain level of leadership. With this in mind, it is important to understand that regardless of the quadrant you find yourself in, there is room for growth.

In this video:

We introduce the concept of The Leadership Quadrant and present it as a way to maximize your ministry. When you use this tool effectively, you will allow substantial growth to take place in your church and your ministry.

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