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How to Evaluate Spiritual Leaders in Ministry

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Every person who loves sports understands what it takes to win. Consider a hypothetical situation in which your favorite team is in the playoffs. Regardless of the sport, it is important that they study their opponent. They must also study their own strengths and weaknesses. This allows for your team to anticipate plays, make wise decisions, and gain the upper hand. This is a constant process that has to be consistent because teams are ever-changing. This concept applies to ministry as well! You have to consistently evaluate yourself and your surroundings in order to measure success. This is why we want to discuss how to evaluate spiritual leaders in ministry.

In ministry, there can be a wide variety of both fortunate and unfortunate events. When good things happen to the church, you rejoice! Alternatively, how do you respond when certain areas are struggling to meet the standard the church has set? This is important to address because this will dictate how your church grows in the future.

As we discuss the importance of evaluating spiritual leaders, keep in mind that this is an audit of the church as a whole. Our goal is not to single out one person to measure or audit. It is vital that your entire church staff and volunteers are consistently checked on. The question is, how can you do this effectively without imposing legalism or seeming domineering? The good news is that we have an answer for you.

In this video:

We will unpack how you should evaluate yourself as a leader, as well as the ministry as a whole. We do this using our Church Growth Audit that we have created specifically for church leaders. This quick audit will allow you to identify areas that need growth in your church. Follow the tips in this video, as well as the audit, to effectively evaluate current realities in your church.

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