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Why Merge Your Ministry & Personal Life?

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The whole concept of viewing the intersection of ministry and life as a pursuit of balance is a myth. There is always going to be an ebb and flow to the seasons of living and working in our contemporary culture. This segment offers us a new field of vision by helping us see beyond the struggle and view the issue as a merger of these two roles. But why should we see it as a merger and how is that accomplished?

The need in our society to stay constantly connected brings both tension and expediency.
Late night skype calls and early morning email is intertwined with midday texting and the perpetual reviewing and posting of social media accounts. But we have to stay connected or we might miss important work communication or ignore someone we admire or love. All of this interaction can be so distracting, even unproductive and yet so necessary. But all of this technology brings so much to the table for every role of our life.

And that brings some fresh perspective to the idea of merger with regard to ministry and family. When you are engaged in ministry, what does your family life bring to the table? Are they an outlet for relaxation and support? Do they exemplify what a Christian family should look like and model it for your church? Possibly, they provide great sermon illustrations that relate to the families you stand before each weekend.

At the same time, ask what ministry brings to the table for your family? Does it provide meaningful relationships at various ages and stages of life? Does it offer a deeper spiritual foundation for your family unit? Can you see the possible benefits of viewing this as a merger?

In this video, we kick around this idea of viewing your ministry and personal life as a merger. When watching it, you will learn six ideas that help you be intentional about living out this merger as God would have you do.

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