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The Myth of Balance

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Don’t get out of balance. Let’s just keep everything balanced – all of the balls and plates, just like an accomplished circus act. Uh-Oh…that plate’s spinning out of control…don’t look away, they will all come crashing down. You have a lot on your plate. No, actually you have a lot on all ten plates, plus some half-full cups and bowls.

The act of keeping all things in life balanced is a common supposition. Yet what would that even look like? It sounds like a beautiful concept, something worthy of our constant focus. But when it comes down to balancing work and personal life, that would mean a 50/50 proposition. Have you ever seen it perfected by any human, ever? The reality is that keeping a balance between career and family/personal life is simply a myth.

Just as we know that the holidays bring time stressors on both sides of the equation, there are times when the ministry side just weighs more than the other one. And then there are times when the life side feels like it is stealing time. This segment paints a picture and shows us the proper perspective to have when thinking about trying to balance ministry and life. It also brings understanding to the stress of the mental and emotional demands, as well as the time requirements, and why they are always in an ebb and flow status.

In this video, you will study five reasons why you should let go of the idea of keeping ministry and life in complete balance. These five ideals give you the proper perspective for dealing with the intersecting demands of these areas of your life. We recommend that you treat the pursuit of balance as a myth, but offer replacement values and fresh context in this second video.

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