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Passing Faith on from One Generation to the Next

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In this series, we hope that you are being equipped with knowledge and helpful thought that brings some continuity to the intersection of ministry and family. We have introduced the idea of viewing family and ministry as a merger and not as contending forces. In this session, we expand on that idea by discussing a concept of the four generations of faith as a way to ensure that family does not feel marginalized by ministry, but instead feel included and loved within it. We pray that there is meaning in this framework for you personally, for your family and for your church.

Have you witnessed a family that is heartbroken by a child that has grown resentful of ministry?
Disturbingly, denominational studies report that an increasing number of people who grew up in church end up drifting away from it in young adulthood. And it is very tragic when God’s wonderful plans go unfulfilled for children He loves.

This discussion offers some heartfelt considerations for drawing your children in to a lasting faith. We also offer advice in helping your church people understand how you have merged your top priorities. They need to understand how deeply you are invested with your spouse and kids. You can prayerfully convince your church to be empathetic, as you have been with their families. When you have built trust, your church will agree with your heart in trying to make all of it work to the highest level of capacity and efficiency.

In this video, we present three ideas to prevent your family from growing resentful of ministry. We also discuss the idea of a generational transfer of faith and where you want your family to land within this framework. This knowledge has been found to be transformational in families involved with full-time ministry. We pray it will be for your family as well.

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