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6 Steps to a Thriving Life and Ministry

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In this series on Balancing Ministry and Life, we have discussed the idea of merging versus the myth of balancing, given you the course of action for proper perspective and prioritization, and for how to have a life outside of ministry. In addition, we talked about personal enrichment, and the need to focus on people rather than the church. In this final edition of the series, we want to consolidate the thought process and discuss the overriding framework which will make it all coexist in the most cohesive manner possible.

Have you ever been excited about a really tremendous plan for a very important week, only to see it fall apart when too much unexpected stuff just soared in from outer space? Even your contingency plan was blown out of the water. When the pressures of life and ministry are stressing you out, whether simultaneously or when one area feels like it is stealing time from the other, there are some best practices that help make it all work together. The reality is that you may not have time for “everything.” But a new framework for prioritization and evaluation will reenergize your mission and your attitude.

This segment reminds us that ministry work and personal life are not at odds with each other. It also gives you one of the most transformative things to consider with regard to your schedule. When you follow this framework and reinforce it with some wise counsel from someone you trust, you can expect to see new vitality infused into your ministry and life. Be reminded that you do not have to think through it all on your own. You are not on a deserted ministry island.

In this video, we show you six decisive action steps to having a thriving life and ministry. When you take this to heart, you will begin to feel like the best is yet to come. God wants you to thrive and be as effective as possible with the mission He has given you.

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