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Prioritizing Your Ministry

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First, we settled in our minds that the concept of viewing the intersection of ministry and life as a pursuit of balance is a myth. Then we established the conclusion to view your ministry and personal life as a merger. Hopefully, you have contemplated how your ministry benefits from family life and also what your family brings to the table that enhances your ministry together. This idea of merging ministry and family life helps to deflate the notion that ministry and personal life are opposing forces.

While a merger of callings may help bring your family to a general consensus, it doesn’t really solve the strain of prioritizing time commitments. Ministry and family commitments not only collide on a regular basis, they also cause schedule and time conflicts as well. In business, research shows that practitioners who merge career and family are usually highly motivated people that enjoy their jobs. This contrasts with the generally accepted idea of keeping a balance, which tends to treat work as dutiful and life as delightful. You will benefit from this session, which offers a prescriptive means of planning your time commitments so that there is agreement and understanding prior to your worlds colliding and causing disappointment.

In this video, we examine six thoughts on prioritizing commitments so that they work for both the church and the family. When you consider these ideas, it is good to think about how you feel about your own time constraints and what each member of your family feels is most important. Do each of them value ministry with the same level of intensity that you do?

To initiate conversation, we hope you will use the included outline and discussion questions to begin dialogue and planning with your family and associates after you digest the discussion presented in this video.

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