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Raising Up and Empowering Young Leaders

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So, you’re a pastor who wants to raise up and empower the young people at your church. You recognize the value and the future that comes alongside younger generations. You have realized the importance of the next generation of leaders that God is raising up to do mighty things. All of this is true; however, you do not know where to begin. Does this ring true for you? Perhaps you already have an effective team of young people in your church but are seeking to expand it and grow. You’re in the right place. Here, we are unpacking the nuances of raising up and empowering young leaders in the church.

We kick off this series with an introduction to the importance of young leaders. The sad reality is that oftentimes younger generations get neglected due to lack of experience. This is not what the Church needs. So, we want to emphasize how important young people really are.

Next, we discuss the culture you need to set to form an atmosphere where young people can thrive. This is the type of culture where the young people at your church do not simply feel like attenders, but they feel like they’re a part of something. It’s a culture of empowerment that we want to help you grasp in this series.

Then, we talk about consistency as a leader. There are four main areas where consistency is especially key when it comes to leading young people. What are those areas? What do they mean for the context of your church? How can you pinpoint those areas and assess yourself in terms of effectiveness relating to them?

Finally, we end on five things you should want any young leader to know about you, as well as five things you should want to know about them. Knowing these things are going to help you lead the young people at your church with a high level of intentionality.

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