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Cultivate a Culture of Empowerment

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Of all the church jargon that is commonly used among church leaders, the word “culture” is toward the top of the list. This is understandable considering culture is so vital to the success of a church. When a church neglects intentionally setting culture, toxic cultures will arise within the church. So, as we are talking about empowering and raising up young leaders, this concept is vital. It is not enough to decide that you want to empower young leaders. You must set up a culture of empowerment for young leaders. What does this mean and how can you do it? That’s the question we are tackling in this episode of Raising Up and Empowering Young Leaders.

First, it is imperative that the pastor understands the importance of culture setting. Additionally, it is crucial for the pastor to become familiar with the cultures that intrigue young people so that those cultures can be somewhat replicated within the church. So, what are the types of cultures that young people buy into? What intrigues young people? When you can confidently answer these questions, you will be able to maximize your impact with young people at your church.

While understanding the concept of culture setting is key, it is important that you understand the correct cultures to create. The reality is, culture will make or break your leadership. If you intentionally or unintentionally set the wrong culture, young people will leave the church in droves. So, what is the correct culture to set? What does this type of culture look like in the context of your church? And most importantly, how can you set this culture effectively?

In this video:

We are unpacking the ideal culture for Millennials and Gen Z, which is a culture of empowerment. Empowerment is key for young people, because they want to be a part of something rather than simply observing it. We want to help you achieve this culture for your church.

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