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What’s the Deal?

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When it comes to Millennials and Gen Z, there is so much unknown. What will the next trend be? Who will the next Tik Tok star be? What will be the next video game that takes the world by storm? From a more leadership-oriented standpoint, there are a lot of questions as well. How can Millennials and Gen Z be managed well? What motivates them? What are they looking for in a career? In this video, we are taking a look at the preliminary things you must know about empowering young leaders.

What is the deal with millennials and the Church? One of the biggest challenges that churches face is trying to get young people engaged and involved. The reality is, there will come a day when the younger generations are not so young anymore, and they will be leading the Church. Where does that reality leave us? Are Millennials and Gen Z looking to be a part of the Church? Are we hitting or missing the mark in terms of raising up young leaders within the Church?

Additionally, a good church leader must understand how to raise up young leaders effectively. In order to do this, you have to know how they think, what their trends are, and what works in terms of leading them. The good news is that just because you may not belong to a younger generation does not mean you cannot impact them for the Kingdom. There are strategies and practices that you can implement today to make young people an integral part of your church.

We’ve posed a lot of questions here, but the real question is: will you value young people at your church?

In this video:

We are discussing what makes the younger generations unique, while offering insight as to who they are. This will allow you to develop a strategic approach to your ministry toward Millennials and Gen Z.

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