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Consistency is Key

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As you lead your church, consistency is key. This is true of any effort or facet of ministry. When you are a consistent leader, you can maintain effective leadership. The problem is, consistency alone is not what makes a leader effective, it is what you are consistent in. When it comes to young people in the church, they feed off of consistency and something to hold onto. So, what should you be consistent in as a church leader specifically for the purpose of ministering to young people?

The first section of this video is dedicated to four major areas that require your consistency as a leader. When you are able to be consistent in these areas, you can maximize your ministry to young people. Understanding the importance of consistency is one thing but knowing where to be consistent is key. Being intentional with specific areas in your church will not go unnoticed among young people. What are these specific areas? How can you value consistency effectively in each? Consistency is effective when it is placed correctly. Where is it imperative that you are consistent in your leadership?

Additionally, it is important that you understand four key questions you do not want your young leaders to ask of you. These questions serve as a litmus test for your leadership of young people. If they are asking these questions, you have some tweaking and reflection to do. We’re not talking about unfair criticism against you. We are talking about legitimate concerns from the young people of your church. What are these questions and concerns? How can you fix them and avoid them in the first place?

In this video:

We are discussing the ins and outs of consistency in terms of leading the young people of your church. This video will help you identify areas where you can be more consistent, as well as some questions of self-reflection based on your ministerial leadership.

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