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The Decision-Making Pastor

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Every good business owner, manager, or successful individual understands the importance of giving intentionality to their decisions. Within the context of church ministry, this is just as true. Pastors making decisions have to be ready and engaged. As a pastor, there is a constant flood of decisions that you are faced with on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

With a reality such as this one, it can be difficult to comprehend how to manage all of those decisions. Your congregation is relying on you. The experience of every person who walks into the church is a result of your decision-making, along with spiritual guidance and provision. Pastors making decisions is a common theme in church ministry today, but how is this effectively carried out?

When it comes to pastoral decision-making, there are a lot of key components to discuss. After all, there are big decisions that require immediate attention and smaller decisions that do not. There are decisions that mainly impact the pastor as well as decisions that impact the entire congregation. Whatever the decision may be, there is a series of systems and practices that can support the decision-making process.

This topic extends even further when the pastor finds themselves making decisions on how to make decisions! Certain factors play into this process such as circumstances, feedback, mid-course corrections, and disagreements. Knowing how to pave the way before deciding things is a vital trait for a leader to possess.

In this series:

We encourage you to utilize the practical advice we are providing as you seek to make the right decisions in ministry. This series will allow you to personally improve your decision making, as well as teach others to do the same. We understand that your church stands for a great purpose. Start making wise, spirit-led decisions for your church today!

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