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Seeking Feedback in Decision-Making

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Whether you are a person who likes to make decisions on your own, or you are naturally one to seek out the help of others, obtaining feedback is one of the most important steps to take in the decision-making process. As you are seeking feedback pertaining to your decisions, it is important that you understand who you should go to, and how you should go about asking for it.

When you are seeking feedback in decision-making, it is very important that you can determine good counsel from bad counsel. You need to be able to trust who you are asking enough to know that the decision you make as a result will be with an intentional one. If you understand who to seek feedback from, your decision-making process will inevitably become easier, and more effective. In this video you will learn who to talk to when you are seeking counsel, and how to detect whether or not the feedback you are receiving is good or bad.

Although seeking feedback is key to a healthy decision-making process, it is crucial that you understand how to tactfully ask for the counsel of another leader. Making sure that the questions you are asking will allow for another leader to provide insight into your situation is vital as you seek feedback on your decisions. In this video, you will learn how to ask effective questions so that the feedback you receive is of good quality.

Moving forward in the decision-making process by means of feedback can be difficult for some leaders because of how hard it is to understand the difference between good feedback and bad feedback. In this video, you will learn how to define your issue clear enough so that your feedback is helpful, who you should go to for counsel, and how to distinguish between good and bad counsel. This video will provide you with six key thoughts on how to seek feedback tactfully.

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